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You're probably thinking, "Oh my, goodness! This person's page is filled with pink and roses..I bet they're into frills, dolls and tea parties." If that's what you're guessing, you are actually not wrong laughing. However, I'm sure everything presented in my site can never reflect my personality 100%. Yes, I love a bit of blush pink and peachy colors, but I love a lot of colors in general. Just because I designed my page one way doesn't mean that I don't have appreciation for different tastes and styles made by others. The beauty about the Neocities community is that everybody got their own little different quirks, and all are equally creative with coding. I'm so happy that I have a full desk monitor just so I can be on the internet once again just so I can write blogs and not get my time wasted doomscrolling over social media apps on the smart phone. For me, being on a computer is very different than being active on a smart phone.

I made this space as a garden to share my chaotic thoughts and my mental moodboard. CherryCloudChiffon is a bit of an internet record of my journey to just living life. I'm becoming more of the person who will tell like it is, just so that I can remind myself the true experiences when I look back to my blog posts. For the most part, it's meant to be a personal space, so be prepared to feel annoyed if I ever sound irrational. Don't worry, I'm pretty much an optimistic person overall and I value the importance of simple human connection. If you don't mind getting energy-drained once-in-awhile, and you're into things like food, crafting, art, One Piece anime &/or lifestyle...feel free to follow my page!

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I grew up with basic HTML using webmonkey sources during the Geocities/Angelfire days, but I was never super elaborate with my webpage designs. Once in awhile, you'll find me tampering with some layouts when I am up for a coding-research challenge. It's something I whole-heartedly enjoy. CherryCloudChiffon is currently a mess (well, it will always be a mess). Despite the UvU and safe-for-work graphics, the content for this site may not be suitable for minors (you're more than welcome to lurk around, it's just my content won't be anything intersting). I am full-on adult & I will follow back any adult webcreators* on this site. You do not have to share all of my special interests or similar taste of aesthetics for me to connect. If you're a good human being with cool vibes, that will be enough for me.heart emoji blinkee

*I will unfollow/block those with hateful remarks. I do not tolerate homophobia, racism, sexism, and xenophobia.




Made some new site buttons. Nothing too extravagant and I think I'm content with them. Just recently switched to Firefox bowser and end up formatting to it.


Made a new layout for my blog. I was done with the Christmas theme (which I still have up). I might just fuse this blog page with the Spring months. I finally switched my internet browser to Firefox.
blog layout


I finished my layout page for my Game Logs. & Added a Windwaker HD log.
video game logs screen shot


I changed my layout! Broke out of Sadgirl's template and made my own layout. Did my own drawing of the girl in holding a parasol (Perona fanart) and found all the PNGs from tumblr . I wanted to go for something that fits my overall personal style, as if Halloween and Valentine had a baby...Valloween? Classic gothic romance. Garden of roses. I decided to retire my Christmas-themed layout:

one piece christmas page layout


Added a personal recipe page under the hobbies section.


Added a game log page to my blog archives.


I'm ready to move on to the next season...decided to go for the holidays look. Here are my past layouts:
halloween layout
pink layout


I want to let my last design retire, because I am now feeling for the Spooky season. My format is pretty much the same, just different color palette and graphics. This time, I made my own collage banner and background tile. *Note, I don't own the drawing of the demon lady. All credits to Toei animations for Nico Robin (demon lady from One Piece).


Just recently, I gave my "About" page a makeover. I wanted to do something a bit more dynamic, something that fits my personal style. I spent about a few days formatting the codes. Personally, I'm content with it!



Just added a traditional art page for my art section. They're not anything new, but I'd like to share them here ^^. I also designed a button for my page using Bern's iphone doodle, I think I'm satisified with my graphics.


Hello to June! Just added a blog page for my Summer 2023 entries


I added a digital illustration page for my art section. They're mostly OCs based off of my partner and I & one fanart of a Haunted Mansion ride character.


An "art" page with a baking album has been added. It's a gallery of the foods I baked since the beginning of the pandemic. I don't have any proper recipes of my own to share, but I will link some youtubers and bloggers their recipes.

I recently made a Dreamwidth account. I think I will blog there a lot more often? Especially with my super annoying, stream-of-conscience thoughts will probably be there.


I just added an album to my photos page.

  • my Dream Width
  • My stamps

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    I find a couple of these pages to be super helpful when it comes to HTML. If you're interested in building a page, please check them out!

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    You're a lot more a social being than you realize

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    Like my page? Here are site buttons ^^. Feel free to save them and upload them to your file, it's best that you code the width & height with 88 x 31 since they're actually bigger than 88 x 31. If you want me to support you back, let me know you've used them!


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