this site is underconstruction, so you'll be experiencing my cursed font choices and unclickable links ^o^

Cherry Cloud Chiffon

Welcome to my lair

I made this space as an outlet to my mental moodboard and my rambling thoughts. I grew up tampering with basic HTML, and now I am here to challenge myself to get more advanced in coding. I feel as if current social media (or social media for a decade) has never been for me. I'm sure they're useful in certain aspects, but sometimes they can be little too fast for my liking. I like having a full computer screen at a desk with full morning reads. I like going through webpages and find that you can share a whole lot about yourself without giving away your actual identity. I've been finding sooo many creative webmakers here, I'm really loving the community here.

I don't have much on my site so far, but feel free to surf around. Please note that despite the pink and UwU graphics on my website, my page is meant for adult readers and my content isn't all sunshine. I think the overall content (definitely in the graphics department) should be safe for work ^^



I want to let my last design retire, because I am now feeling for the Spooky season. My format is pretty much the same, just different color palette and graphics. This time, I made my own collage banner and background tile. *Note, I don't own the drawing of the demon lady. All credits to Toei animations for Nico Robin (demon lady from One Piece).


Just recently, I gave my "About" page a makeover. I wanted to do something a bit more dynamic, something that fits my personal style. I spent about a few days formatting the codes. Personally, I'm content with it!



Just added a traditional art page for my art section. They're not anything new, but I'd like to share them here ^^. I also designed a button for my page using Bern's iphone doodle, I think I'm satisified with my graphics.


Hello to June! Just added a blog page for my Summer 2023 entries


I added a digital illustration page for my art section. They're mostly OCs based off of my partner and I & one fanart of a Haunted Mansion ride character.


An "art" page with a baking album has been added. It's a gallery of the foods I baked since the beginning of the pandemic. I don't have any proper recipes of my own to share, but I will link some youtubers and bloggers their recipes.

I recently made a Dreamwidth account. I think I will blog there a lot more often? Especially with my super annoying, stream-of-conscience thoughts will probably be there.


I just added an album to my photos page.