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She/her. The year of the rabbit. Blue Topaz. Engaged.

My most played musical stuff

  • Mall Soft: The End of An Era
  • Artzie Music Playlist A combination of city pop, future funk, & vaporwave
  • I'm A Cyborg but that's ok Dreamy sounds: Mac DeMarco, Mazzy Star
  • Zora's Domain Ambiance, Prince Sidon, relaxing watery sounds
  • Katamari Damacy OST Super colorful, upbeat, 90s jazz vibes
  • Botanic Sage's music mashup A combination of Nintendo games & hip hop mash
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    Thanks for browsing my page! ^^ I go by Harley. Because of lifestyle & health needs, I am currently working remotely as a freelance artist with a very unstable income. Luckily I have my fiance, Bern, who've been my side for nearly fifteen years.

    You'll find me blog a lot of random things that don't follow a specific content, I like to write about everything from movies watchlist to a weekend stroll at a park. My life from a reader's eye are not super exciting, but I try to find some joy in the simplest things. I must warn you, I am also realistic about how I take things in while being a romantic. When it feels like the world is about to fall apart, I will not lie about my feelings on that! Art, music, food, fashion, culture & community are all the things that I value in my life. I have waaaaay too many hobbies for my own good, so be prepared for my scatterbrained mess.

    I hope to fill my workpage with most of my creative works: oc drawings, photography, baked goods, and documents of my special days.

    mina and artemis


    doughnut place palm trees

    monte diner

    Wishes & Dreams
  • Improved/ more public transportation cities. Continential bullet trains in my home country.
  • Own a modest home
  • Eliminate poverty
  • A solar punk world like in the movie HER or in Star Trek Federation worlds
  • Hoping for the pandemic to truly end so I can support more local businesses by dining in or shopping by

  • Places I'd love to travel to
  • Dublin
  • Beijing
  • Shanghai
  • Hanoi
  • Wellington

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