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Currently and slowly in the process of finishing up these games, that I so much enjoy (click any of the active thumbnail pics):

dragonquest11 tears of the kingdom mariorpg windwaker

I have a lot more that I want to add, but it has been too long. I may have to go back and restart a bunch of other games I left off. As an adult, I have so much other it will take me quite some time to clear them.

classic NES gif

Mario RPG Log

So yes, I was right, those guys at Seaside were the bad guys. Ended up fighting Speardovich--he was a bit challenging because he knocked out my members a few times. Finally got the star back. Seems like Johnny, the Shark boss, is pretty tight with Mario (he's a good guy).

Speardovich johnny the shark

Had a terrible acid reflux on Valetine's night. I stayed up a couple of hours after clearing up my tummy over the toilet bowl. I continued to play for comfort.

I battled some sharks..(I love their design melody gif) and obtained a star from the boss. They were pretty honorable opponents, the shark boss handed over the star-- he seemed pretty concerned about things. Like in a lot of anime, you know they're not the "bad guys" of the game when a character looks out towards a window lost in thoughts after the battle and tells you to scram before they change their mind. I headed back to Seaside... I have a feeling that they're all up to no good.

Johnny the Shark seaside

Okay, so it turns out that I didn't have to force myself to grind at all since there were quite some enemies along the way. There were little rooms with puzzles and hints. There was one room that was a bit ridiculous-- in an obstacle sense. crying emogicon I was pretty relaxed being in the depths in Tears of the Kingdom earlier and ended up throwing a bit of a fit with Mario RPG. I've managed to solve thepassword, even before collecting all of the hints. After some time, I was able to get past that ridiculous room. I beat King Calamari-- wasn't too difficult.

boxed room Calamari King

After trying to relieve my anxieties after some weeks, I continued my Mario RPG game. I entered in a Sunken Ship after the Seafare (sp?) town. Whoever designed the little creature wearing a cloak with glowy eyes, I just want to let you know that you've created the cutest myserious little character ever. So far, I'm enjoying this level. I just need to do a bit grinding for coins, gotta upgrade my characters with some new equipments.

mario reading note at Sunken Ship cute lil hoodie guy

Well, we saved Princess Peach and fought a cake. It looked scrupmtious. Apparently when Bern was eight years old, it took him quite a long time to figure out the battle to blow out its candles. We took Princess Peach back home to the Chancellor, she snuck out and decided to join the party. We visited Frogfucius and ended up at Star Hill.
I enjoyed reading through the wishes, some of them were humorous. Under normal mode, the gameplay overall was still fairly easy, especially if you're an adult who grew up with Jrpgs. I did end up losing one character during the cake battle.

princess peach princess peach umbrella

Went past Booster's tower. Now, I am at Marryland. I thought the barrel run was neat, despite my clumsiness.
The part where you have to run along side with Booster's henchman to bust open the chapel door was a bit frustrating.

Currently at the tower. The music slaps.

wedding ruined kitchen wedding
The mole village reminds me of places in Reno/ Vegas/ Lake Tahoe. The mole people are really adorable and I like the mining carts level. I think this might be my favorite level so far.

booster's tower

Got past Rose Village, frolicked into the woods full of mushroom 1 ups and mushroom enemies. I think it's funny that the locals are freaked out by a wooden doll awakened to if this whole world isn't already unusual. XD Turns out the wooden doll (I already knew this) is our new party member! Ended up beating the weird boss that shoots out arrorws.

Well, we learned that Mallow was adopted afterall. I am so shocked. Turns out he didn't start out as a tadpole. There's a bit in a game that requires a bit of a musical-notetaking. You may have to look at a gamer guide if you don't read music (Bern gave me a note).

Took out most of the Shyguys that raided the village and battled some a pongo stick guy. I liked the little humor in this game. For instance, Mallow, this cloud shaped character, does not look like a frog to me...and even the characters in the game are confused about that as well. Well, if Mallow says he is a frog, then I guess he is a frog. Let's not question it.

sad mallow Frog Fucius frog fucius 2

I started playing Mario RPG today. I caught Croco and retrieved the wallet back. The game mechanics, in terms of doing effective attacks and defenses, are a bit challenging at times... you would have to make sure you get the timing right. Right, when I went back to Mushroom Village, I saw that it got raided by Shyguys.

Legend of Zelda- Tears of the Kingdom


As I was waiting for my cherry pies to cool off, I found a couple of hours to play this game. I'm getting to the point where the areas of lightroots will be difficult to find. I've managed to find one for this gameplay. Just like my previous game entries, I've battled some bokoblins and took out a couple of Yiga Clan fortresses-- yay, more schematics to my inventory! For next time, I'll have to remember to exchange for some Zonai charges and go back to shrine hunting at the surface map. Usually the shrines are helpful to guiding some lightroot places.

totk in depths map netamnet lightroot


Another day of inbetween dinner hour and food preparation. I had more minutes to play this time. Found two more lightroots in the Akkala depths and one in East Necluda. I ran into a Lynel again and simply flew over them.laughinggif

lynel Ui-Ihcog lightroot Kawisar Lightroot kotimab lightroot


Because I was inbetween dinner hour and food prepartions, I found a bit of free time to flick on my Switch and continue my light root hunt. I took down a Yiga air pilot (quite simple when you have the eyeball item attached to your arrow). I unlocked one lightroot in the Akkala region. I think it was about fifteen minutes of gameplay.

plane drop yiga stuff
This is where a Yiga member dropped their vehicle, yay.

akinatanis lightroot


Today I believe I unlocked about five different light roots today. I was mostly in an area with some creepy walking trees. These ones are little a little tricky because, one they're covered in gloom gunk. Secondly, they're a lot more elevated compared to the walking trees from the surfaces, so I can't really attack them as smoothly. I got my a bunch of fire tools, so going after them wasn't too bad. They will always creep me out, nevertheless. I also got attacked by a gloom-infested Lynel for the first time-- my god, their hits were insane.

Minshi Woods Chasm the depths map


It was a rainy day today and it has been kind of cold since this morning. I haven't been feeling my best today, and at the same time, I have to distract myself from doom scrolling over social media. ... So I ended up unlocking thirteen different light roots today (don't worry, I took some breaks in between). I even reclaimed the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab from the Yiga Clan and unlocked a travel medallion.

Yiga schematic dragon ancient tech lab


Happy March y'all! And happy Saturday! Today for dinner, I've just made stir fry rice noodles... I like to jokingly call them "sober noodles" because they're like drunken noodles but without the chili spices. Nevertheless, they were quite satisfying.

My goal was to unlock one lightroot today, but I ended up unlocking six of them today! It helps that they were all in sight, all you need is a zonai gliding vehicle to get to them. I got a bunch of fans, gliders, and steering wheels in my inventory that I ended up using-- it saved me so much time. From the previous play, I did afterall updated my Zonai charges-- so that was convenient.

I caught some Naydra's spines, I'm not sure if I have any quests needed for those but I'm sure they'll come in handy.

It's been awhile since I solved a shrine...I'm sure I have tons of unlocked shrines from the surface map. The shrine I found today was one of those puzzly areas before you can even enter in it. This particular shrine I solved today was a little odd and I think I solved it in the way that was probably not intended to the way they planned it. But hey, I unlocked it! I reached to the point where most of the remaining shrines are not going to be obvious to find, and I have to rely on my meter to get to them.

totk lightroot Naydra shrine totk


Spent the whole Sunday morning looking to unlock a lightroot. As usual, I collected materials, raided some bokoblin camps, and battled skeletons a long the way. I realized I went in circles and struggled to find a lightroot nearby. Bern recommended that I go up to the surface and fly down into hole entrances that leads you to the depths-- I'm not sure why I didn't think of that. It saved me a lot more time. Sometimes I get a bit stubborn in taking a bit of a glance to compare the shrines on the surface map versus the map from the depths. I know that the shrines and the lightroots got the same coordinates.

I was able to unlock two different lightroots, made a vehicle to fly towards the last lightroot of the day. I fell halfway during the travel, tried staying on the plane with the rewind power, and my Link guy couldn't stay on-- the plane didn't land graceful enough for him to balance on nicely laughing ghost So I ended up unlocking that lightroot by foot. It was a nice coffee* gameplay.

I ended the game by doing a bit of shopping spree with Koltin and getting more of those Zonai charges. Koltin is legit and he will not fail with the items he sells.

* what I mean by this that it was the kind of gameplay that felt very stimulating. It made my morning and kept be productive for the remaining of the day.

mimfus lightroot finding lightroot Koltin


Happy CNY/LNY! Starting out with the year of the Dragon by continuing unlocking more of the Depths map. I spent the morning/afternoon unlocking four different lightroots and I even did a quick side quest-- helped a villager fixed a stable. Once again, I encountered another skeletal horse from the Depths, it seemed like the horse had a very sweet temperment (originally came with a Bokoblin)-- it did not reject me! Like I addressed in my last blog, I unfortunately can't get it up to the stables. crying emojicon

side quest skeletal horse

Took out a few monster camps by taunting them with muddle buds mainly because I like watching Moblins and Bokoblins going crazy towards their peers.

muddle bud trickery totk selfie lightroot


Happy Sunday to you all! I've decided to continue Tears of the Kingdom, and start my first log from where I left off. I've completed three temples-- I don't think I am too far off (story-wise), but there are still a lot of things I need to unlock (well, I don't *need to*..but I want to). Since today is Bern's day off, today is a perfect day for him to watch me play a couple of games.

As someone who's mostly a SAHG( Stay At Home Girlfriend) with loaded tasks, this game is very ENDLESS for me to explore the Hyrule world thoroughly. It took me over an hour to unlock one Lightroot. My current goal for this game is to clear out all the Lightroots in the Depths. Being in the dark makes me think of being in C0stco-- it's weirdly peaceful and eerie at the same time. I've managed to to raid a couple of Bokoblins/ Moblins camps, foraged some supplies, collected Poes, built a janky vehicle and went up against a Stalnox. I always find it stimulating to build the Zonai devices together.

totk janky vehicle
My janky vehicle: a glider, steering wheel, and a couple of motor wheels. I had to remove the Zonai fan that I had on earlier because it weighed it down (when on ground).

skeletal horse Oyimay Lightroot
Awww, I wish I could adopt this horse. No stables around in the Depths. crying gif

Windwaker HD

It's Link's birthday, which means my character gets a sword, a telescope and a new costume. Spotted a giant bird dropping a girl (Tetra) into the forest of Link's home village. Battled a few bokoblins and saved Tetra (who was super prideful to thank Link). That same giant bird ended up kidnapping Link's little sister. surprised emojicon Time for me to grab a shield!

boogerkid tetra

So I decided to start over in a different file because it has been over seven years since I last left off unfinished playing this game (this was during the time when my significant other and I weren't living together yet). I was able to finally hook up the Wii U console to our bedroom and decided to touch Windwaker again. I enjoyed collecting little piggies and throwing them into a pig pen.

collecting pigs windwaker hd

cozy video game art