My Baking Adventures

When it comes to baking, I don't consider myself much of an expert, I mostly taught myself by watching a lot of food videos and reading up some recipes. Sometimes I bake mainly because I love the smell of batter doing its thing in an oven. Also, I find that sometimes, store-bought desserts are little too sweet for my liking. It's nicer to be able to control the sugar amount when I craving for some treats.

chocolate cake gif


Bern claimed that he wasn't a big fan of cakes until we started having homemade ones. I don't think he ever tasted pure Swiss merengue buttercream, or even a simple American butterceam. There are so many frosting ideas to choose from. I know I need to get better with sculpting and decorating.

XD Pictured below from left to right: 1. Anniversay cake with Bern and I- Using my ocs to decorate our cake. 2. Birthday Clown cake for Bern with naked "cake pops"

heart cake clown cake


I love getting fruits from my families and friends. Everytime I get a whole batch of fruits, I would turn them into pie fillings then I would freeze them, and thaw them out for later. It took me some time to find a recipe for a decent flaky pie crust, but I learned so much about pie dough from researching about it. Just understanding the importance of butter made a big difference. I also find that most pies don't need a whole lot of added sugar to enjoy a slice. Pictures: 1. Mixed Berry Pie 2. Key Lime Pie 3. Persimmons Pie 4. Persimmons Pie Slice 5. Cherry Pie 6. Peach Pie

mixed berry pie key lime pie

persimmons pie persimmons pie slice

cherry pie slice peach pie slice


It feels intimidating, but getting to know the tangzhong mixture method for milk breads is so simple! You really don't need a lot of ingredients. Pictures: 1. Persimmon Bread (more cake like) 2. Matcha Milk Bread

persimmons bread matcha milk bread


Down below are pictures of my persimmons galette, peach cobbler, and cinnamon rolls with orange cream cheese. There are plenty of other things that I have baked, but I didn't get a chance to properly capture them in a nicer lighting. XD Half of the things I baked are improvised and the other half are recipes from youtube.

Other things I've learned from this baking journey:

  • If you got a set of healthy hands, you do not need a stand mixer. A classic hand mixer is just as great.
  • Make sure you really bookmark your recipes from youtube, especially the ones that weren't filmed in studio settings. The algorithm tends to bury some of the best ones. T__T
  • Some food influencers can be a bit extra when it comes to kitchen supplies.
  • persimmons galette peach cobbler orange cream cheese cinnamon rolls